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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


The retailer generally accepts all bottles. However, some bottles may no longer meet safety standards, which is why they must be destroyed. The best place to return your non-compliant bottle is your neighborhood Ecocenter. It will be safely and environmentally recycled.

Accepted bottles :

  • All bottles identified as RapidGaz are accepted without verification.
  • All bottles belonging to an exchange network, other than RapidGaz, are accepted without verification.
  • Bottles that do not belong to any exchange network will be accepted if they are less than 8 years old and in good condition.

Refused bottles :

  • Bottles that do not belong to any exchange network and are older than 8 years.
  • Bottles equipped with a POL valve, a broken valve, or no valve.
  • Bottles with dents, damaged welds, damaged collars, or excessive rust.

Indeed, in Quebec and Canada, propane bottles are not refundable (consignées). You can return the bottle to the retailer, but there will be no reimbursement. However, you will get rid of your bottle legally and in an environmentally-friendly manner. Unlike some businesses that charge fees for disposing of your tires, we do not charge any fees for returning a propane bottle.

Please note that the retail price displayed is set by the participating retailer.

However, rest assured that RapidGaz remains vigilant and regularly adjusts prices to offer competitive pricing to retailers. Nevertheless, the significant increase in costs due to inflation affects everyone, and RapidGaz is no exception! The price of propane on the market is rising, mainly due to economic factors. Increases in fuel costs, vehicle maintenance expenses, manufacturing and maintenance of bottles, and labor costs are also contributing to the price changes.

Where to exchange my bottle.

Where to exchange my bottle.

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