About Us

We Are RapidGaz

RapidGaz has been in business since 1998
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Its founders came up with the idea of distributing tanks at the beginning of the 1990s. By offering consumers a safe, quality product that can be ordered on demand at all times, RapidGaz has become CANADA’s most important propane tank distributor. Over the last few years, RapidGaz has bought several small businesses and even larger companies. Several large-scale commercial gas, food and hardware chains as well as a great number of independent retailers have chosen RapidGaz to offer their services to their customers.

To better serve all these customers, wherever they may be, we have built RapidGaz facilities and distribution centres throughout the country, from St. John’s (NL) to Victoria (BC), across the Prairies, Ontario, and Quebec. At its very beginnings, RapidGaz had less than 10 employees, including the owners. Today, RapidGaz employs almost a hundred and fifty (150) Canadians of all different backgrounds. We are very proud of this fact.